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Microblading is a procedure that more and more people are starting to become aware of. However, not all microblading is the same. Education and skill is very different based on each state’s laws surrounding education and training. It can be difficult to choose a Microblading artist because there are wide variances in technique, products used, and price. There are many things to save money on in life. Any procedure on your face, shouldn’t be one of them! Microblading is a long term relationship and will require yearly touch ups. Be judicious in choosing and artist that will produce work on your face. Here are 5 reasons choosing a Phibrows Artist can greatly benefit you.

Phibrows Artist’s produce superior work because they follow a very specific method that is taught to them through a live, hands on work shop followed by a rigorous 6-month training course. This course requires the Artist to pass 11 levels of mastery to ensure that their methods and their work maintain a very high standard… the Phibrows standard. No other Microblading Academy in the world has a lengthy, strictest, and rigorous program like ours. Other trainings offer 1-day courses, online only courses, and courses where you never train on a real person under the careful supervision of a Master trainer.

PhiBrows methods and tools have been meticulously designed and redesigned to continually aid their trained artists. These methods and tools allow for precise hair-strokes, perfect symmetry, and beautiful eyebrow shape that enhance the natural shape of a client’s face and bone structure. They have been developed from highest quality stainless steel and products made. They are certifiable sterile and go through rigorous testing to ensure perfection. They have the least amount of damage and clean cuts compared to any other microblade on the market! Did I mention that Branko Babic, the founder of Phibrows invented the modern Microblading tool? Every artist where Phibrows trained or not, can thank him personally!

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Microblading Services

Microblading with Included Touch Up

Microblading is a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin

Microblading & Microshading Combo

Microshading combo brow is the combination of microblading and mісrоshading techniques to create a soft роwdеrеd еffесt that rеѕеmblеѕ еуеbrоw реnсіl оr powder. We create the hair strokes and blend the eyebrows giving a ѕоft and full effect.


Microshading is a gentler version of microblading, the semi-permanent makeup technique for sparse, light-colored or over-plucked brows. Unlike microblading, microshading fills in thin brows with small dots rather than natural hair strokes, which is safer for sensitive or oily skin. 

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